Every successful manager and leader has a high performance team. Energy lost to gossip, anger, blame, frustration, personality conflicts, fear, goal and role confusion is now being constructively directed toward fully understood and common goals built on trustful relationships and dialogue skills. Informal work patterns, rules, practices and habits are supporting the organization rather than slowing it down. People are confronting each other in ways that make it safe to respond, and responding in ways that make it easy to understand. Team members are making choices for greatness over safety.

Building the Team

Team building gets people valuing their differences and focused on supporting goals and building clarity into the decision-making process. Team Building also gets team members looking at their own personal effectiveness and identifies ways to improve everyone's problem-solving, communication, strategic planning and goal accomplishment capabilities.

Taylor-Nelson LLC does team building with a unique built-in e-based assessment and evaluation process that works to make sure that team learning and improvement sticks long after the events.

 What Kinds of Issues Are Generally Addressed?
 Missions & Goals
 Roles & Relationships
 Systems Change
 Trust  Leadership
 Employee Morale
 Transition Management
 Mergers & Acquisitions
 Values Clarification
 Group or Interpersonal Conflict
 Strategic Planning