Success Stories

Case Study 1:  Culture Change

Case Study 2:  Overcoming adversarial labor-management relations

Case Study 3:  Causing teamwork while encouraging individual contribution

Case Study 4:  Closing the gap between management, supervision and the employees

Case Study 5:  Creating a leadership academy

Case Study 6:  Helping new leaders shape a successful organization

Case Study 7:  Helping an organization craft an organization strategy

Case Study 8:  Work redesign

Case Study 9:  Strategic Planning

Case Study 10: System Change

Case Study 11: Designing a two-way employee performance management system

Case Study 12: Reinventing the Human Resource Department

Case Study 13: Achieving Open Honest Communications

Case Study 14: Working inside the Union

Case study 15: Executive and professional Coaching

Public Sector Clients Include
BART, Alameda Contra Costa County Transit District; Departments in San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Fresno County, Kern County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County, Contra Costa County, Monterey County and San Luis Obispo County; Cities of San Mateo, Lodi, South Lake Tahoe, Turlock, Big Bear Lake, Sacramento METRO and Loma Linda Fire Departments; Cities of South Lake Tahoe, Turlock and BART Police Departments. The cities of Brentwood, Encinitas, Tulsa, Turlock, Sun Valley (Idaho), Ketchum,  Yucca Valley, San Bernardino, Apple Valley, Oakland, Moreno Valley, Chino, Los Angeles, San Mateo, Chula Vista and Beverly Hills; utilities including Southern California Edison, Public Service Organization of Oklahoma (the Midwest's largest electric utility), Padre Dam Municipal Water District, Tahoe Utility District, Victor Valley Water and Lake Arrowhead Water District; States of California, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Carolina, West Virginia, Police Officers Professionals Association (LA Co. SO), etc.
Department Clients Include
City Manager, County Executive, City Attorney, County Counsel, City Clerk, Finance, Public Works, General Services, Engineering, Human Resources, Building & Safety, Community Development, Parks & Recreation, Library, Police, Fire, Economic Development (City and County Departments), Electric Utility, Water Utility, Wastewater Utility, Solid Waste Management, General Counsel, Regional Parks, Public Health, WIC, Social Services, Coroner, Sheriff, Mental Health, County Hospital Inpatient Treatment Facility, Probation, Courts, Public Defender, Planning, Assessor - Clerk - Recorder, Auditor Controller, Treasurer - Tax Collector, Board of Supervisor staff, Housing & Airports.
Consulting Work Experience Include
IBM Company, Sunshine Biscuits, Libby McNeill & Libby, Hallmark Cards, Newport Dental, the Methodist Church, Alyesa and community based organizations.
Many of these organizations now have or are currently building successful labor-management partnerships as a result of our work together.